Our Assistants


Main floor Dental Assistant

She has been working for Odontologia Integral de Mexico for about 10 years now, and her English is at such a level that she can help patients with directions or instruct them on what is needed inside the clinic. 

When she is helping the doctors with their patients, she does her best to be as kind and collaborative with everyone involved as possible, she will resolve any problem and help to create beautiful smiles. 

For  her, her work means learning something new every day and that there is always something amazing around the corner. Over the years she has learned how important oral health is, not just for children but for adults and teenagers as well. It is something that we must always have in mind and go to the dentist well before there is a real problem with our teeth. 

She likes to go to the movies in her free time and listen to music by the Mexican band Mana. 

She loves fruit, especially small ones like strawberries and cherries. 


Main floor Dental Assistant


She studies law in the Autonomous University of Baja California (UABC).


She is 23 years old and her English is basic, Spanish is her native language. 
As a dental assistant she has learned that she also has interest in the health industry, every day she feels as though she has learned something new. 


She decided to work for Odontologia Integral de Mexico because it was recommended to her by a friend. She has felt as though it was a very good work environment, and it is accessible for her so that she can study and work at the same time, she always feels supported in her efforts to have balance in her life. 


She has been working at the clinic for 2 years and always has something positive to take away from the work day and even if something is negative she uses the experience to become better at her job. 

She is a very friendly person with a beautifully positive personality, she will do whatever she can for our patients. 


Main floor Dental Assistant


Vanessa is 22 years old and she is going to study Dentistry in the Autonimous Univeristy of Baja California soon. She has been working for the clinic for around 4 months and when she decided to start working here she thought it would be useful for her desired career and it has been, the specialists and the general dentists have helped her to make her dream come true. 

Her work for her means learning, personal growth and above all contributing to the health of the patients. 


She loves to be a dental assistant, seeing how a patient progreses through a treatment plan and how they change and how their smile becomes what they desired. 

She is a happy and friendly person with a powerful drive to learn. 


Ground Floor Dental Assistant


David Diaz Fierros has a conversational level of English and Spanish is his first language. 

As of 2019 he is studying at the instituto Tecnico Americano (American Technical Institute) in order to get a degree as a Dental Technician. He is a friendly person who offers his services to help bring the best care for the patients that he can.

More than anything he wants the patients of this clinic to feel comfortable and to trust us knowing that we can help them, especially with their oral health. 


Ground Floor Dental Assistant


Belen Ordoñez Rodriguez is a sweet and helpful assistant whose English is basic and Spanish is her first language. She graduated from one of our amazing schools here in Tijuana the Cobach Ruben Vizcaino Institute. 

She wants nothing more than to give our patients the best attention that she can provide and for the patient to feel comfortable and safe. 

Her favorite book is “Relato de una vida equivocada” (The story of a mistaken life) a book by Mexican author Rodríguez Covo Rodríguez. Her favorite movie is The Devil Wears Prada, and she loves all kinds of music. 

She says that she loves it most when patients come in for Porcelain veneers, once the procedure is over the change and happiness it brings the patient is unmatched, and she adores being part of that experience. 


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