Our Assistants


Dental Assistant


My name is Gustavo Estrada Juárez, I was born on June 19, 1999, I am an assistant in Bajadentistry, I am 22 years old, and I am a student of Dentistry at the Universidad Autónoma de Durango (UAD), I decided to study Dentistry, since I always wanted a career related to health sciences and the study of teeth and oral cavity.

I am originally from the port of Acapulco, Guerrero, when I was 10 years old I traveled to this city, when I spent my first years in Tijuana, we realized how wonderful it is, full of opportunities, we fell in love.


I consider that I speak basic English, I manage to maintain a conversation with the patient, every day I strive to learn more of this language.


What I hope to do for the patients is to give a good impression about the ability of the OIM assistants to relate to the patient and make them feel welcome in the facility.


I have been working in Odontología Integral de México for more than 1 year and during this time I have acquired several attitudes and skills that have helped me significantly in my social, work and school life. It has been a very pleasant experience to have the support and teachings of all the doctors at the clinic.


I like to read, my favorite book is The Whole Truth by David Baldacci.

My favorite movie is Star Wars

The music I like to listen to is rock in Spanish and English.

In my free time I dedicate my time to my hobbies, which are, video games, outdoor activities, I also like to do basic dental technical work and since I was a child I like photography.

I have 4 dogs and 2 whose.


Dental Assistant

siboney2 small copy.jpg

She studies law in the Autonomous University of Baja California (UABC).


She is 23 years old and her English is basic, Spanish is her native language. 
As a dental assistant she has learned that she also has interest in the health industry, every day she feels as though she has learned something new. 


She decided to work for Odontologia Integral de Mexico because it was recommended to her by a friend. She has felt as though it was a very good work environment, and it is accessible for her so that she can study and work at the same time, she always feels supported in her efforts to have balance in her life. 


She has been working at the clinic for 2 years and always has something positive to take away from the work day and even if something is negative she uses the experience to become better at her job. 

She is a very friendly person with a beautifully positive personality, she will do whatever she can for our patients. 


Dental Assistant

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I am Ilse Regina Estrada, my birthday is November 18, I graduated from Colegio de Bachilleres as an Accounting Technician and I chose it because I identify myself more with mathematics.

I was born in Acapulco, but since I was 1 year old I was brought to live in Tijuana, I like its gastronomic variety and that I have the opportunity for better studies.

I have a basic level of English and I would like to improve it a little more, to have a better communication with patients and also in my personal life.
What I hope to bring to the patients in the clinic as an assistant is to give them a good experience and always treat them with kindness, so that they feel comfortable in their treatments.

My favorite movie is Casper, as it is a very funny movie, and whenever I watch it is always makes me laugh.

My hobbies are exercising and watching movies. 

I have a dog that I adopted since I was 10 years old.


Dental Assistant

david1 small copy.jpg

David Diaz Fierros has a conversational level of English and Spanish is his first language. 

As of 2019 he is studying at the instituto Tecnico Americano (American Technical Institute) in order to get a degree as a Dental Technician. He is a friendly person who offers his services to help bring the best care for the patients that he can.

More than anything he wants the patients of this clinic to feel comfortable and to trust us knowing that we can help them, especially with their oral health. 


Dental Assistant


My name is Paola Ramos, I am originally from Tijuana, I was born on November 12th, I really like my city because I have had the opportunity to meet many people who come here from different parts of the world.


I graduated from high school, and I am currently studying dentistry at UABC. I chose this career because I like to help others and I think it is a good option to go into health care.


My English level is basic, but I am currently working on improving it for my own well-being and that of my patients.


In Odontología Integral de México I work as an assistant and for the patients of the clinic I hope I can contribute to improve or maintain their oral health making them feel comfortable and safe. Every day I work on improving my treatment to the patients to be able to have good stories with them.


In my free time I like to exercise and read, my favorite book is Sin esperanza, I like to listen to music, I have a chihuahua dog.


Dental Assistant


My name is Edith, I am starting the Nursing Assistant course, and later I would like to study ATM (paramedic).


I was born in Tijuana, on September 21, I like my city because of the warmth, hospitality and kindness of the people.


In the clinic I like that the patients during their appointment have a pleasant, comfortable and pleasant experience.


 My favorite book is "The Butterfly Garden", I like how the protagonist narrates his life, while he tells the story to the FBI in the interrogation, I consider it enthralling.

My favorite movie is Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban.

My hobby has been practicing Mexican folkloric dance for more than 10 years.