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Our Assistants



Dental Assistant


I am Emmanuel Maya Gantes, I graduated from Preparatoria Lázaro Cárdenas, and I am waiting for the exam to be able to enter UABC, where I want to study medicine.

I was born in Tijuana and I really like it because of the relationships I have had with the people and places that have shaped me.

My English level is intermediate, I understand more than I speak, but it doesn't mean that I can't communicate, on the contrary, I am good at it.

What I hope to do for patients is to give them the care they need to feel as comfortable as possible, and to make sure they get the most help for their oral health.



My Favorites:

Book: I am currently reading The 48 Laws of Power.

Movie: I like Rocky movies

Television series: Suits

Music: English, mostly 60s to 90s

Hobbies: going to the Gym, playing soccer and sometimes playing the guitar

Pets: an Akita dog

Birthday: April 21st


Exon Ortiz

Dental Assistant



Dental Assistant

Karla1 copy.jpg

Karla Suárez, current student at Valle de las Palmas UABC, Dental Surgeon.

Happily born in Tijuana

I understand English, but it is difficult for me to speak it.

I hope that patients have good care, that they feel safe, talking about cleaning and work.

Story with a patient:

There is a playful patient who always scares me when I get close to him, I like him.



Book: Cuentos de buenas noches para niñas rebeldes

Movie: Pirates of the Caribbean

Series: The Vapire Diaries

Music: Soft, mostly everything.

Hobby: Work, study

Pets: A 10-month-old kitten, called Quesita

Birthday: July 16



Dental Assistant


My name is Paola Ramos, I am originally from Tijuana, I was born on November 12th, I really like my city because I have had the opportunity to meet many people who come here from different parts of the world.


I graduated from high school, and I am currently studying dentistry at UABC. I chose this career because I like to help others and I think it is a good option to go into health care.


My English level is basic, but I am currently working on improving it for my own well-being and that of my patients.


In Odontología Integral de México I work as an assistant and for the patients of the clinic I hope I can contribute to improve or maintain their oral health making them feel comfortable and safe. Every day I work on improving my treatment to the patients to be able to have good stories with them.


In my free time I like to exercise and read, my favorite book is Sin esperanza, I like to listen to music, I have a chihuahua dog.


Dental Assistant


My name is Mónica Angulo Sánchez, I am an assistant and I would like to study Dentistry.

I am from Tijuana, I really like gastronomy, culture as a border and the beach.

I understand little English.

I look forward to welcoming the patient in the clinic, also a good service as an assistant.


Book: I, Robot

Movie: Batman

Series: Friends

Music: Pop and Rock

Hobby: Cooking

Pets: Yes, two dogs and a cat

Birthday: August 24

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