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OurSupport to get 


from the border

Aware of the difficulty that it represents for some of our patients to cross in their vehicle from the United States to Tijuana, we inform you that immediately after the crossing there are a series of taxis that you can take freely. We always recommend using your Google Map, to locate our location, writing Bajadentistry and thus have a clear idea where the taxi would take you.

When you make your appointment, inform our reception staff that you want to use our transportation service. It will indicate the steps to follow so that this is carried out satisfactorily.


We will use the Uber MX mechanism to provide you with safe transportation.


Service can be provided at both Pedwest and San Ysidro border crossing points. Below we show some photographs of the exact meeting point.


image (1).png


(Temporarily closed)

image (2).png
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