OurSupport to get 


from the border

If for one reason or another you don’t want to, or can’t drive in Tijuana. Don’t worry, we have a complementary transport service that is available to all patients. And it’s not at all hard to use.

Call us when you set up your appointment and tell us that you would like to use our Transport service. (This Service only runs from 9:30 to 1:30 and 3 to 5:30) You can talk to our receptionist about what times would be best for your pick up.

Once you are ready to head across the boarder, you call us before arriving (before heading into customs) or after (once you have crossed) so that we can send a car to pick you up.

We use Uber MX to pick up our patients and take them back to the boarder. We pay for it so that you don't have to. 

We have two pick up spots where we get patients, this makes it easier on our drivers as well as our patients.




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