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About us

We aren't just a Building, we are people who dedicate our days to help our community have beautiful and functional teeth. Nothing is more important to us than your comfort and satisfaction.

Our clinic

Our clinic was built in January of 1986 and since then, we have been making people’s smiles the best that they can be.


We are a team of specialists. 
All of our dentists are specialized in their area be it, Periodontics, Cosmetic or Endotontic dentistry. All of our dentists have worked very hard to become experts in their fields, and we make sure that anyone who does work on you, is a specialist in that procedure.

Our Location

Getting to our clinic is fairly easy. We are very close to the boarder. In fact it’s almost a 7 minute drive once you cross.

We are situated:

Inside of a small plaza called “Plaza Santa fe” this plaza houses our clinic as well as a small food stand and a flower shop so it’s not difficult to find us. We have free parking for our patients and a sitting area outside for relaxation.

It is also very easy to get back to the US from our clinic, we provide medical passes that will allow you to use the FastPass lane at the border in order to pass most of the traffic. Click here for more information about the fast pass lane.

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