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August, dedicated to grandparents

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We help people over 40 years old to change their deteriorated restorations,  placing dental implants and esthetic rehabilitations.
So that you have better aesthetics and functionality in chewing.

With the experience of more than 35 years behind us

We are never too old, to restore our smile, which helps to express our happiness.

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Remember, without your teeth, it is not easy to smile.

We are the best option to help you.

We will help you by placing implants and aesthetic and functional rehabilitations that you need

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It is said that 70 years is the new 50 and that the lifestyle

of these people has improved compared to previous

The passage of time is inevitable, but we want to help you

so that you always have a beautiful smile and a positive

At Bajandentistry we work every day creating new smiles in
adults and if you are over 40 years old, we are your best

dentist in Tijuana to rebuild and be happy

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