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Finances & Insurance

After your first appointment the doctor will give you a treatment plan and possibly preform a procedure on you when you come in for the first time depending on the case.

We have many finance options for our patients, we want them to be able to pay however they are comfortable. Our options include:

Cash: Just like every other person, we accept cash. Cash is the fastest way to pay and the most universal. 


Debit/Credit cards: We do accept debit/credit cards (Visa and Mastercard) but you need to make sure your card has out of country authorization. Remember that there can be fees when you use a credit card so check with your bank to see the rules and regulations of your specific card. 


Dental Insurance: We do not accept medical insurance but we do work with you to help you fill out your insurance documents, please continue reading to find out more about how American Dental insurance works in Mexico.


Dental Insurance

It is very important that you know key factors about your own insurance. 

Note: We can not tell you this information, you must call your insurance company and ask this from them directly.

The information needed to know if it is possible for you to use your insurance in Mexico is the following:

  • Is your insurance valid outside of the US?

  • Does your insurance require you to see a specific doctor that is registered to your plan?

  • How much does your plan cover yearly?

  • What is the deductible?

  • How much credit do you have left for the year?

  • What does your plan require of us? (Do we need to fill out a specific form, or just send a proof of payment?)

  • If proof of payment is what is needed, Does it need to be in English and do we need to send treatment codes? (ADA Codes)

Why is this important? Because if your insurance isn't applicable outside of the US save for emergencies then you can not use it for routine cleaning.

Working with Insurance doesn't work how you think it will. The process is as follows:

  1. You Pay for the treatment. (be it on a debit card, in cash or a credit card)

  2. We help you fill out the paperwork needed by your insurance.

  3. You send it to your insurance. (via snail mail or Email whichever your insurance requires)

  4. Insurance approves or rejects the claim.

  5. Insurance reimburses you the amount that they cover for the treatment.

Keep this in mind while you are looking for Dentists or any medical professional outside of the US.

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