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First Visit

For over 35 years, we here at BajaDentistry have been taking care of the Smiles of people from all walks of life. From Businessmen in Canada to the Simple folks of our hometown. Many people travel from very far to come down to our clinic, California, Oregon, Nevada, Texas, Arizona, Colorado, Canada and sometimes even further.


We know that in general the dentist is not the one you like to visit the most. But, the Bajadentistry by Odontologia Integral de Mexico team, we always try to be friendly and professional, making you and your family, be comfortable and have a good experience with us.

We are the best Dentists in Tijuana and we will make you feel it from the first call to your last appointment.


To the left you can see the video of what to expect on your first visit. 

Note: We are always available to see you, but if you schedule an appointment with us, we will be able to see you right away for sure.

You can find our number in the website header or by going to Contact Us.

What to expect

What to expect


You will have to fill out some Medical History paperwork (as always) it is very helpful for us to know what medications you are taking and what health problems you may have in order to properly care for you. Fill out as much as you can.

If you have a health issue that is in treatment, there is a possibility that you will be asked to bring a letter from your doctor before any major procedures can be started. 

dental Checkup & X-rays

We will do a general examination of your mouth and especially of each of your teeth. In order to make a diagnosis, the necessary x-rays will be taken (possibly a panoramic x-ray) and a detailed treatment plan will be drawn up (at this point you will be given an estimate of the price of the necessary treatments).


In some cases, it may be necessary to ask for a medical letter.


Your first appointment will last about an hour, and you can start with what is most urgent or what you would like us to prioritize.


We can also have a longer appointment that same day and be able to move forward with your treatments, as much as possible, knowing that you come from far away.


If your case is an emergency, and you do not have an appointment, we can still receive you, you will always be welcome.


Walk-in patients are also welcome


The cost of the consultation is $40 USD and if necessary $40 USD for a radiographic series or panoramic X-ray

This price may vary if you consult a specialist or start any treatment.

The X-rays will have a cost, only if it is the whole series or a panoramic X-ray, the complementary ones will be included in the consultation.

Finance & Insurance

How to get to us

How to get to us

We are the dentists near the border. There are different ways to get here. If you cross by car we have ample and comfortable parking for you. Otherwise, immediately after the crossing you will find the cabs that will bring you directly to us, just tell them "I'm going to the dentist in Plaza Santa Fe, in front of Gayosso Funerals, Zona Rio." Feel confident that the cab drivers will be able to find our location with ease, the cab fare should be, no more than $5 dollars.

To make your trip easier, Google us as Bajadentistry.   

If you plan to spend the night in town, check with our receptionist for preferential rates at nearby hotels.

How to get back

How to get back

Medical lane

We have the option to return quickly across the border, with medical passes, which will allow you to use a special line.


This line is exclusively for people whose document to cross the border to the United States is a card with the legend Ready Leane, it can be their passport card or their updated green card.

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