First Visit


For over 35 years, we here at BajaDentistry have been taking care of the Smiles of people from all walks of life. From Businessmen in Canada to the Simple folks of our hometown. Many people travel from very far to come down to our clinic, California, Oregon, Nevada, Texas, Arizona, Colorado, Canada and sometimes even further.


We know that Dentists aren’t the favorite doctors of most people. But here at the clinic, we try our best to be as friendly and gentle as possible. Your comfort and safety is our number one concern.

We do what we can to have made our clinic as welcoming as we can. From your first call to your last appointment, we try to keep you safe and happy through your treatment.

Luckily for you, we have found a handy video to show you what you can more or less expect on your first visit with us. 

Note: Make sure that you call us for your appointment. Unless it’s an emergency we do not accept walk-ins. You can find our number in the header of the website or by heading to Contact.


What to expect


You will have to fill out some Medical History paperwork (as always) it is very helpful for us to know what medications you are taking and what health problems you may have in order to properly care for you. Fill out as much as you can.

If you have a health issue that is in treatment, there is a possibility that you will be asked to bring a letter from your doctor before any major procedures can be started. 

dental Checkup & X-rays

A dental check-up begins with an examination of all your teeth. Then our expert dentists diagnose any problems you may have and create a treatment plan based on their examination and x-rays taken. (At this point an Estimate of a treatment price will be given.)

Before your checkup, Basic Digital X-rays will be taken. Possibly a full Digital panoramic if desired.

Under some circumstances a Medical Letter may be required, for further work to be done.


The first appointment usually takes about an hour, and depending on your diagnosis, treatment might start that same day.


In case of emergencies, priority treatment will be given. 


$30 – $40 for the first appointment. (depending on how many x-rays are necessary and if any medication is needed) This price can increase if you see a specialist, or if you start a treatment.

Note: This price only includes the consultation. This does not include any X-rays or other treatments. 

Finance & Insurance


How to get to us

Luckily we are just a few minutes from the border. We have free parking and a free transport service from the boarder. So there are many ways to get to us. Driving down from San Diego is easy. There is also a google map on the bottom of this page that you can open on your phone to guide you.

If you come from further away and need a hotel to say at, let us know, and we can give you the names of some hotels that we have contracts with to give our patients a lower rate. Ask our receptionist about it when you call.

How to get back


Medical lane

We provide Medical Passes to our patients who need to get home as soon as possible, as long as the Internet Government system is available, as these passes are purchased online. We provide maps on how to get there and a video that tells you exactly where the Medical Pass lane is. You can also ask the receptionist to call you a taxi or an Uber. 


This line is exclusively for people whose document to cross the border to the United States is a card with the legend Ready Leane, it can be their passport card or their updated green card.