Oral/Maxillofacial Surgery

There are many things that can be done for the dental cavity, but only a Surgeon can help you with the things that really need to be looked at. 

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Are you considering a dental surgery? 

It is important to note that if you have ANY medical issue or take ANY medication it is important that you let us know before we start ANY procedure. If you have Uncontrolled Diabetes, High blood pressure, low blood pressure, heart issues, osteoporosis, are taking medications such as blood thinners or bisphosphonates for example. All these instances and more require a letter from your Doctor indicating that you are stable and that a dental procedure can be done and any indications that your doctor may give you for your medications before and following the treatment. 
If you have any of the above stated ailments or medications, it is possible that the Surgeon will ask for a  medical clearance letter in order to proceed with the treatment.

Tooth Extractions

Tooth extractions are very common, the most common is known as Wisdom Tooth removal. However, these aren't the only teeth that might be removed. There are many reasons as to why a tooth may need to be removed, some reasons could be that an impacted tooth can cause; pain, inflammation, infection, jaw stiffness, and in some cases cysts or tumors. 
Wisdom teeth however, are not the only teeth that can cause problems, teeth that have yet to erupt can also cause these same problems. It is always best to have your teeth looked at before a problem actually occurs. 

Tooth extraction isn't as scary as you think it is. It's not a painful process.Remember to eat before your extraction, it is best to have a full stomach as it may be difficult to eat after the tooth has been removed the first day.

NOTE: If an implant has been previously discussed and a decade tooth is evaluated, then said tooth will be removed and the process of a dental implant can be moved forward with a consultation with the surgeon.

Anesthetic: Here at our Clinic we use Local anesthetic, we prefer not to sedate our patients, but we do have it available if the need arises. (an appointment needs to be made for sedation and comes with the cost of $420).

Sedation: Intravenous sedation is what we use here, and if you need sedation, it may be necessary to  have a pre-evaluation with our anesthesiologist and a consent form will need to be signed where the risks and instructions to follow can be found. It is important to remember to not eat 8 hours before any procedure where sedation is used. 

Panoramic X-ray: We may require a Panoramic X-ray ($30) and a consultation with the surgeon to schedule your extraction appointment.

Surgical Wisdom Tooth Removal

How much does it cost? The for a wisdom tooth removal veries depending on how the teeth lay  in the mouth. If they are out and easy or if they are deeply implanted in the bone. Only after a consultation with the surgeon can you get a price for any Tooth removal. Especially a Wisdom Tooth. However, it is possible that the price will be between $250 - $300 USD.

Anesthesia: yes
How long does it take? It can take from one hour to a couple of hours depending on how many teeth need to be removed or how deep the tooth is in the jaw. But home care is what takes the longest and is the most delicate part. (average: 1 hour)
Is it done in house? Yes.

Surgical Tooth Removal

What's the difference? If a tooth has anything about it that makes it more than a simple removal. Situations include but are not limited to; teeth that have been treated with a root canal treatment, teeth that are fractured, teeth that have curved roots, even teeth that are impacted. 

How much does it cost? This price varies depending on the condition of the tooth, which tooth it is and many other factors. Only a surgeon can give you a price for your particular case depending on what he finds in the initial evaluation. However the average price can be between $200 - $250 USD. 

Anesthesia: yes
How long does it take? Extractions normally take 40 minutes per tooth. The average appointment is 1 hour.
Is it done in house? Yes.

Non-Surgical Tooth removal

What's the difference? A tooth that can be grabbed with forceps and removed simply by pulling on them. These are considered simple but they can sometimes take a bit of work.

How much does it cost? As with all extractions the tooth needs to be evaluated by the surgeon in order for a price to be given as there are many factors that must be considered before a price can be discussed. Howeer, it could be between $80 - $120 USD.

Anesthesia: yes
How long does it take? Extractions normally take 30 minutes per tooth. The average appointment is 1 hour.
Is it done in house? Yes.


It is very important to take care of yourself as instructed after getting a tooth extracted. The last thing you want is to cause further bleeding or infection that will lead to a more expensive visit.

Some swelling after a tooth extraction is normal.
Soft foods are recommended.


Dental Implants

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What are Dental Implants?


In Layman's terms, dental implants are little screws that are placed into the jawbone in order to hold a permanent crown in place of a tooth that has been lost.


In order to see if you are a candidate for a dental implant it's necessary to have a study known as a Conebeam done that will tell us the conditions of your bones.
It must be noted, however, that not everyone is qualified to get dental implants, if sufficient bone loss has occurred then there is no bone to attach the screws to, and that means that there is nothing for the screw to hold onto so that it can do its job. 

How long does it take?


As seen in the video, Implants take months to complete and around 4 appointments of 30 to 40 minutes each. The reason for this is due to how long it takes the bone to heal around the implant. There is no rushing this procedure, your body needs the time it needs to heal.

Anesthesia will be needed.


The pricing for Implants depends greatly on what you need to get done. If we are to consider a 100% easy candidate who has healthy thick bone and a person who has almost no bone. We can consider that the price can be $850 per tooth Plus the crown (PFM), if it is necessary to add bone, check out Bone graft.

At the end the implant will have to be rehabilitated with a a crown over the implant.

Temporary option: A removable partial made of acrylic, will be placed until your permanent is complete. This comes at an extra cost of $120 - $150 USD. 

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Taking care of your implants after they have been placed is VERY important. 
DO NOT TOUCH IT! With anything, no food touching the area, no swishing water no sucking of any kind. 

Swelling can inhibit the healing process of implants so keep swelling to a minimum with ice packs. 
Pain control is very important, take the medication given to you by the doctor and take it as directed. 


OverDentures over Implants

What is it? Overdentures can use remaining teeth or Implants to support the denture, Implants are placed into the bone and these are used to place the denture ontop of. A snap mechanism is used to anchor the teeth in your mouth. These anchors are held in place with implants and are very strong and sturdy. 

What are they made out of? Acrylic and the snaps are made of metal
How much does it cost? Around 1050 for a two snap denture (if more implants are used to hold the denture this price increases per snap) The price of implants will also increase the price of the full procedure depending on how many you need. 

How long does it take? This process is unique to a patients situation. The time this can take varies from case to case. It can be around 6 appointments of 1 - 2 hour each Plus the time that it will take for your jaw to heal from the implants.

Is it done in house? We make the molds here in our clinic and have them sent to our partner lab to have the dentures made for your specific need. The implants are also placed here in the clinic

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Sinus Lift

The Maxilarly (upper) sinus is a cavity in your bone that at times is in contact with the roots of your upper molars. At times, it is necessary to do work and place implants on the top jaw, and sometimes due to tooth loss or bone loss, the bone near the Sinus cavity isn't thick enough. So in order to finish your treatment, you will need to have more bone added. Much like a bone graft is placed inside of the space between the bone and the thin membrane inside the sinus cavity, and this will grow together and create the bone needed for the procedure.

It will also be necessary to get a Conebeam study done in order to see the full extent of the bone cavity.

How much does it cost? The price of a Sinus lift procedure changes greatly depending on how much material will be needed and how much bone needs to be grown. Due to this we can not give an accurate price range is it is solely dependent on how much you need. But you can rest assured it is above $600 most of the time.

Anesthesia: Yes, Anesthesia is needed. This procedure can also be done under Sedation.
How long does it take? The procedure itself does not take very long, it's the healing that can take months. Depending on how fast your body heals, it can take from 4-8 months for a sinus lift to fully heal enough to move onto the next step of your treatment. (the procedure itself takes on average 40 mins to 1 hr.)
Is it done in house? Yes.


It is very important to NOT TOUCH THE WOUND after a sinus lift or a bone graft. You must leave it alone as it heals. It is also important to only eat soft foods, nothing hard, nothing crunchy for at least a month. 
Do not put pressure or heat on the wound or wound area. 
Take your medication!

Food you can eat after a Bone graft.