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Cosmetic Dentistry

Very often all we want is to look better. Sometimes we have very healthy teeth, but they could look just a little better. The most common treatments for this type of dentistry is Whitening. But there are more things that can be done to the mouth that can help to boost your self-esteem and give your smile just a touch of magic.

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Cosmetic Dentistry


What is it? They are sheets of the shape of your tooth that give the appearance of natural teeth, correcting bad position, discoloration, stains and tooth shapes.

These are placed on your teeth that received a slight wear on their surface to make room for them.

If you are concerned about changing the appearance of your teeth, we will start with a scan or digitization of your teeth, so that through the computer we can make a smile design and show you how your teeth will look.

Veneers or Veneers can be made of porcelain or zirconia, both quality materials that will give the appearance of natural teeth.

Once you make the decision, a minimum wear of your teeth will be done, and they will be scanned or digitized again to send it to the laboratory through the Internet and be manufactured through a digital milling machine. In a second appointment, these will be cemented. In between the treatment, temporary ones will be placed to protect your teeth, these being highly aesthetic.

It is important to mention that we can also have them for the same day, ask us about it.

How much does it cost? The cost per tooth is Veneer Emax $600 per tooth and Zirconia $550 dlls per tooth.

How long does it take? It takes about 2 visits or more, of an hour or so each.

Anesthesia: Yes, local

Temporaries: Yes, With the payment of your Veneers temporary veneers are made and cemented with temporary cement in order for you to not leave our clinic without protection for your teeth. 

Is it done in house? Yes.



An occlusal guard is required at the end of your treatment to protect your veneers, this will cost $120 USD. It is very important that you have regular check-ups to ensure that the work is done, and your teeth are healthy and well cared for.

These guards are different from those used to treat cases of joint pain or bruxism (teeth grinding), the latter are made in the laboratory and have a cost of $200 USD, and sometimes it is necessary to make some adjustments or add acrylic for better performance.

Appointments are required every 6 months after veneers are placed.
Dental veneers can be treated like natural teeth a few days after they are cemented.

What you can eat after veneers.

Teeth whitening

Teeth whitening

What is it? It's a treatment that makes your teeth whiter, here at BajaDentistry we use mostly Opalescence Boost PF 40% and Zoom II 25% which is a system we use to whiten your teeth in two hours. Ask your doctor which is the best option for you. 

How much does it cost? The price depends on the number of teeth to be treated and the technique used, from $50 to $300 USD.
How long does it take? 1 to 2 hours 
Is it done in house? Yes.

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There is a chance that you will leave your whitening session with sensitive teeth, we can provide a sensitivity relief gel to use at home. Keep in mind that it takes 2 weeks for the final color to settle after a tooth whitening treatment, so it's very important to protect your teeth from early stains solutions. To make sure your teeth stay white longer, avoid drinking Coffee, wine, beer, smoking or any foods that have any strong color. It is best to eat light colored or white foods after this procedure. 

After your whitening, we are going to provide you care instructions.

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