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Dental Prosthetic

Are you missing teeth?

When the natural fails, you can always go for artificial.

What are your options? 

  1. Implants

  2. Bridges

  3. Removable Partial

  4. Full Denture

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Cosmetic Dentistry

Fixed Tooth replacement



What is it? Dental bridges are like crowns together, (depending on how many teeth are missing or removed). Very much like a bridge over a river, these prostheses are used to cover the space of a missing tooth in which the teeth on the side of the missing teeth are ground down and crowns are made with the center tooth attached. This covers the missing tooth and helps keep any other teeth strong as well.

What is it made out of?  Bridges like crowns can be made from a few different materials Emax and Zirconia.

Anesthesia? Yes, unless you have had a root canal.

How much does it cost? The cost depends greatly on the number of teeth that need to be replaced and the material that they are made from. Emax 3 unit bridge can cost $1,800 USD, and a Zirconia 3 unit bridge can cost $1650. (USD)

How long does it take? Three appointments, of an hour each. You will be provided with temporary bridges while the lab is making your permanent set. 
Is it done in house? In our clinic we prepare the teeth, make the impression and cement the bridge in place. 
Our partner lab makes the bridges.

Guarantee: for fixed prostheses: the guarantee covers only if the prosthesis becomes dislodged or fractures. This will be for 1 year and from the cementation. In the event of a fracture, you would cover a fee for the removal of the crown so that it can be replaced. This fee can vary from $50-100 USD. To make the guarantee valid, you must attend a review appointment one month after cementation and attend your cleaning and review appointments every 6 months. The guarantee does not cover cases of postoperative pain, tooth fracture or caries.

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Crowns over Implants

Crowns over Implants

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What is it? If you have an implant placed here or in another clinic, a crown needs to be placed upon the implant to allow full functionality. Implant surgery is a process, and you can find more information about it on our surgery page.

How much does it cost? The crown can be Zirconia or Emax, the cost is $550 or $600 USD. An abutment that is inserted into the implant and stops the crown will be required, currently the cost is $150 dlls.


What is it made out of? Emax or Zirconia

Anesthesia? No

How long does it take? A total of 2 appointments is needed to complete this procedure. Each appointment is about an hour, depending on the number of teeth you would like replaced.

Is it done in house? The molds are made here at the clinic, and it is cemented here as well. The crowns however are made at our partner lab. 

Temporary option: The placement, preparation and scanning of the abutment on the implant. All this is sent over the Internet to the laboratory so that the crown is manufactured through the digital milling machine.

Removable Dentures

Removable Tooth replacement

Removable Partial

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What is it? They are a partial denture (not a full set but 1-8 teeth), that are held onto the gum and the remaining teeth with hooks.

What is it made out of? They can be made from Metal and acrylic, or TCS (a Flexible material).

How much does it cost? around $280 to $550 USD

Anesthesia? No

How long does it take? It takes 2 or 3 appointments of one hour each. It can take longer depending on how the fit feels. 

Is it done in house? The mold for the dentures is made here, we send it to a lab where they are created and baked. We then have you come in, and we make the necessary adjustments so that they are as comfortable as possible and as snug as necessary.

Full Mouth Prosthetic

What to do when they have all been lost?

Dentures are probably the most recognized form of dental prosthesis that exists in the world. It, however, is not the only ones that exist. It is, however, one of the oldest. Over the years the methods of making them have been improving to become more and more like real human teeth. Here in our clinic, we employ several versions.

Immediate dentures

What is it? These are dentures that are  placed the same day your teeth are extracted. A note about these dentures is that even though they are good and immediate, every other week you will have to come in to get them lined. And it can take a long time (depending on your healing speed) to take the final molds and receive your permanent denture set. 

What are they made out of? Acrylic

Anesthesia? No
How much does it cost? They cost around $350 each.
How long does it take? We will need 3 appointments; First we take the molds (while you still have teeth), the 2nd appointment is when extractions are done, and we place the immediate dentures, and the 3rd appointment will be a checkup and adjustments, after that the final dentures will be discussed.

Is it done in house? As with our other dentures, it is molded and sent to our partner lab where they make the teeth, after that they are brought to us, and we adjust them and place them for you.

Immediate dentures

Permanent Dentures

Permanent Dentures
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What is it? These are the ones everyone thinks about when they hear the word Dentures. When properly cared for these dentures can last for years and are used to replace whole sets of teeth that have been lost due to disease or decay.

What are they made out of? Acrylic

Anesthesia? No
How much does it cost? $500 for an upper or lower and $1000 for the set. 
How long does it take? Depending on if teeth need to be removed, these can take 3-4 appointments of one hour each. First you will come in for a mold (assuming all of your teeth are removed, if not then the remaining damaged teeth will be removed before this appointment), the mold is then sent to our lab, a 2nd appointment and the desired teeth are placed on a temporary wax base then you decide if you like the color, the shape the feel, the teeth, and if all is good, the lab goes forward with the acrylic final version.  On the third appointment, you will have new, beautiful teeth, if necessary a 4th appointment may be scheduled for adjustments. 

Is it done in house? We make the molds here in our clinic and have them sent to our partner lab to have the dentures made for your specific need.

OverDentures over Natural roots

[Overdenture] clips.jpg

What is it? Overdentures use remaining teeth to support the denture, These teeth will need a root canal treatment to serve as pillars for your overdenture. A snap mechanism is used to anchor the teeth in your mouth. These anchors are held in place with your remaining teeth and are very strong and sturdy. 

These types of dentures can be placed on natural teeth or implants if the need arises. 

What are they made out of? Acrylic and the snaps are made of metal
How much does it cost? Around 1050 for a two snap denture (if more teeth are used to hold the denture this price increases per snap). ( The price of the root canal treatments to prepare the teeth are not included in this price.) (If you want to make them over Implants then you are subject to the
prices and the process of implants.)
How long does it take? This process is unique to a patients situation. The time this can take varies from case to case. It can be around 6 appointments of 1 - 2 hour each.

Is it done in house? We make the molds here in our clinic and have them sent to our partner lab to have the dentures made for your specific need.

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