Price List

Dental offices here in Tijuana have much lower prices than in the US, in some cases, it can be up to 70% less than US prices. Here at BajaDentistry we provide the lowest price for the best service we can provide. 

Note: All prices on this list are estimates of estimates and are subject to change depending on unforeseen circumstances that come with each individual case. 
All prices are in US dollars. All cases are different and if you need more than one procedure or even a procedure that you didn’t know you needed, that cost will be added to the total cost of your treatment. 

We can not predict or guarantee that these prices will be what you pay at the end of your treatment.

Dental Tools in Pocket

Dental Consultation

With one of the general dentists.

Our Price


US Average Price:

$50 - $350


Specialist Consultation

This is performed by the dentist specializing in the corresponding area.

Our Price:


US average Price


[Flossing] 2.jpg

Dental Cleaning

This is a regular dental cleaning, accompanied with polishing and use of oral antiseptic.  

Our Price: 


US average Price


[Braces] final.jpg


Their purpose is to reposition the teeth functionally and esthetically.

The brackets can be metallic or ceramic. Treatment performed by the orthodontist. 

Our Price

$2,500 - $3,000

US Avrage Price:

$5,000 - $10,000

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Teeth Whitening

Depending on the case, it can be done with ZOOM and a special light lamp or with teaspoons and whitening gel, both performed by the dentist in the dental chair.  

Our Price:

$250 a $300 

Depending on the technique selected in your case.

US average Price


[Cleaning] cleaning.jpg

Root Planing Scaling

Treatment, also called deep cleaning by patients, performed by the periodontist. It is indicated when the tartar has penetrated below the gum level.

Our Price: 


US average Price



Tooth Extraction

The removal of a tooth.

Our Price

$80 - $300

US Avrage Price:

$75 - $650


Root Canal

The pulp and nerve of the tooth is removed to alleviate pain.

Our Price:

$180 - $345

US average Price

$300 -$1,800

[Implant] front.jpg


A titanium screw is placed in the bone to hold a prosthetic tooth.

Our Price: 


US average Price


With crown.               Not with crown

[Denture] bottom.jpg


Also known as False Teeth.

Our Price


US Avrage Price:


     Per set                

[Bridge] removable partial.jpg

Removable Denture

A removable partial denture that uses surviving teeth to hold in place.

Our Price:

$450 - $500

US average Price

$500 - $1,200


[Crowns] outside.jpg

Dental Crowns

A prosthetic single tooth. 

Our Price: 

$295 - $550

US average Price

$500 - $3,000

Per tooth


Dental Fillings

Removing a cavity and filling it with a dental composite to give it the look of a natural tooth

Our Price: 

$50 - $90

US average Price

$100 - $275


Bone Graft

When more bone is needed to help with your oral health, a bone graft may be the answer. 

Our average Price: 


US average Price

$1200 - $3000


Mouth Guard

It can be due to grinding or due to sports but there are times when teeth need to be protected. 

Our Price: 


US average Price

$700 - $980


Cash: Just like every other person, we accept cash. Cash is the fastest way to pay and the most universal. 
Debit/Credit cards: We do accept debit/credit cards (visa and Mastercard) but you need to make sure your card has out of country authorization. Remember that there can be fees when you use a credit card so check with your bank to see the rules and regulations of your specific card. 
Dental Insurance: We accept it, yes and no, please check the
 link for details.