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We have had many amazing patients over the years, and many of them have written us messages and even sent us cards. Here on this page, we will display as many of those thank you messages and testimonials as we can.


The following videos updates anytime one of our patients uploads something about us.


If you record a testimonial, please tag us #bajadentistry or #odontologiaintegraldemexico so that we can find your video and add it to the list.

Quality Testimonial

A video from 2009, we post this here to show you that we have been delivering quality dental service for many years. 

"Baja Dentistry - Odontologia Integral de Mexico - Dentist Tijuana, Dentist in Tijuana, Mexico. Providing services for cosmetic dentistry in Tijuana, oral surgery, Tijuana veneers, dental implant Tijuana, transform your smile with high quality materials"

Ease of Access Testimonial

A video from one of our patients from 2015. 

They show the whole process from crossing the border to crossing back. Showing you guys how easy and safe it really is. 

"What is it like going to Tijuana for dental work? Easier than you may think. Andrea and Jai take you on a trip to the dentist during their home time!"

You can email in order to speak directly to the person who makes and edits the videos for more information.

Ease of Service Testimonial

The Smith family have been with our clinic for many years. When interviewed they only had good things to say about the clinic and wonderful memories to share. They too talk about how easy and low priced it is to have work done here. 

Loyalty Testimonial

Mary has been with the clinic so many years, she is the grandmother of the clinic and we all love her when she comes in. She has had so much work done by us that she can only be described as a loyal patient. Mary tells the story of how she found the clinic and what brought her to us and what keeps her coming. 

Full mouth Restoration Testimonial

Carlos has been with us for many years and when he first came in he only had a crown problem, but they ended up completely fixing his jaw that had been damaged in a boxing incident. 

Flexible Bridge Testimonial

Norma Ortiz came in to have a  new bridge placed and we took the opportunity to talk to her about her experience with the clinic since she started coming in. 

Written Testimonials

Mónica Taylor, Patient

"Dr. Arechiga, Thank you for my beautiful smile."

Familia Martinez, Patient

"It is always a pleasure to bring my family here to BajaDentistry. The doctors are always very nice and professional with us. When we are asked we always recommend that people come here for the best service, Thank you very much."

Harvey M., Patient

"Thank you for helping me get my life back."

Jacinto Estrada de la Vega

"The work the doctors did was stupendous! Many thanks."

Dorothy Murphy

"Dear everyone,
I wanted to express my sincerest gratitude for everything you have done for me and for your exigent customer service. This has been the most pleasant dental experience that I have ever had. I wish you a prosperous and happy new year with much love. "

Gabriela Ojeda

"Hello Dr. Arechiga!
I want to thank you for attending to me about 2 weeks ago, without an appointment!
Thank you for the sincerity and care that you give to your patients. The trip was very long to see you, even so, it was worth it since you and your assistants do a good job.
The most important part, is that you care for us very well… as it should be.
Unfortunately there aren't many Doctors like you because if there were, there wouldn't be so many people who would travel so far just to find a good doctor! Once again, thank you so much for everything, and thank you to your assistants. They all do a good job, keep it up."

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