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Pediatric Dentistry

It is necessary to start the Journey to Oral Health at an early age.

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It is generally accepted to take your child to the dentist when they are old enough to sit still. However, it is actually better to take them when they are younger, even before their teeth sprout, because oral hygiene isn't just about teeth. Baby teeth are going to be around for a while so it's a good idea to brush them. 

On this page we are going to discuss a few tips to take your child to the dentist. 

Take your child with you to YOUR checkup.

If they see that you go to the dentist and are not scared and that nothing bad happened, they will be less likely to be afraid when you take them. Do this a few times before they have their first appointments, take them with you to different family checkups, have them meet the dentist they will soon be attended by. 

Make it fun! 
If you are nervous your child will be nervous. Don't be anxious about what might happen. Make it fun, make it a game with your child. Any Medical appointment should be made into something fun and relaxing. A medical clinic is a scary place and it's your job as a parent to make it not scary. 

Play dentist before hand.

Get your child used to having people touching their face and opening their mouth when directed. This will make it much easier on both your child and the Dentist who will attend to them. 

In the end the choice is yours to make. You know your child better than any of us ever could. Just remember that your children's teeth are your responsibility until they are old enough to be trusted to brush on their own. 

Baby tooth brushes can be picked up at any grocery store or pharmacy and there are even gum brushes for when your baby hasn't grown them in yet, as it's a good idea to keep their gums healthy and clean as well. 

Does your child have special needs? 

If this is the case more than one pre-consultation with our Pediatric dentist will likely be needed. Fear should not be the reason why you don't take your child to the dentist. They need you to be their parent and make the hard choices for them. Please let us know if your child needs anything specific to make their experience more comfortable and with the lowest amount of stress possible. 

If your child needs to be treated with General anesthesia, let us know, and we'll talk to you about how it works. 


Sealants for Fissures and Pits

What is it? A sealant is a material that is placed in the grooves of teeth to keep teeth from holding onto food and helps to avoid cavities.

How much does it cost? Approximately $40 for children's teeth.


Is anesthetic needed? No
How long does it take? 30 minutes.
Is it done in house? Yes.


Pediatric Zirconia Crowns

What is it? Prefabricated crowns to completely cover a tooth that has been damaged or decayed. 

How much does it cost? Approximately $250 USD.


Is anesthetic needed? Yes
How long does it take? 30 minutes.
Is it done in house? Our Pediatric specialist prepares the tooth and cements the prefabricated crown here at the clinic. 

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