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What is it made out of?

Here in our clinic we use many materials for the work that we do for our patients. Here are some of the materials that we use on the day to day basis. 

Single Unit Prosthetic materials

These are the materials that we use on single units. Crowns, fixed bridges, implants, etc. 

Zicona molar and front tooth in black void with reflections well lit teeth white cream natural color


Zirconia is one of the most expensive materials we use but for the money you get one of the most realistic and biocompatible crowns on the market. These crowns are made of a crystal like material that has no metal and can be colored to look exactly how you like. 

Imax Ceramic is used for dental crowns and some bridges.

Imax Ceramic

These crowns are made of a Distilled ceramic that resists stains. This material is used for most Dental Veneers. They come in many shades and can match your natural teeth perfectly. This material does not stain.

Porclain fused to metal crown metal on the inside tooth colored white cream reflective black

Porcelain Fused Metal

A thin layer of Nobel Semiprecious Metal, holds this Porcelain crown in place. The metal used in these crowns is bio-compadible, however if you have a metal allergy it is not recommended. These crowns can be colored to match your teeth and are very strong.

teeth inside gum and bone roots crowns implant titanium 3 unit cut away


All of our Implants are made out of Pure Titanium. They are strong, basically indestructible and incompatible. Titanium is also the most Hypoallergenic  metal in the world and is used for many Medical implants not just for teeth. 

temporary crowns multiple bridge individual cream natural color hollow crown


Acrylic is used to make Temporary crowns and even used to make the teeth on dentures. 

Filling Materials

We use a few things to fill cavities. 

cambio amalgama.jpg
fiber glass posts endodnic material

Resin composite

Resin composite fillings are made of a ceramic and plastic compound. Because resin mimics the appearance of natural teeth, these fillings blend right in. This material is also used in Endodontic Restoration.

Glass Fiber Endodontic Posts

These rods are used to strengthen a tooth after a Root canal. These are made of a soft glass-like material that is very strong and will never shatter or bend. 

guttapercha cones endodontic root canal filling fill materal wax sap

GuttaPercha cones

These long thin very small cones are made from Sap from the Gutta Percha tree. This sap creates a latex like substance that is very flexible. This material is bio-combatible and is used to fill in the space created after a root canal treatment. 

Multi tooth prosthetic

When many teeth in a row need to be replaced, the following materials are used. 

acrylic composite dentures set all in 4 teeth false

Acrylic composite

Full sets of Dentures are made of an Acrylic Resin composite mix giving the patient a comfortable fit and a soft material that is also strong enough to chew food. This material is used in a lot of dental prosthetic.  

Flexible partil acrylic teeth false tooth natural

Soft Resin

Removable flex bridges (also known as Valplast) are made from a flexible yet strong Resin based material. These are lighter and more flexible than acrylic. 

metal base acrylic teeth fase fake mold natural colored

Acrlylic on a metal base

These removable Partials are less aestheticly pleasing than the other but are much stronger and longer lasting. They are made of acrylic with a base of chrome cobalt metal. 

Bone Grafts

There aren't very many materials that we use with our bone grafts but in case you wanted to know this is what we use. 

bone powder granules human

Bone fragments of Human Origin


You have heard of a Blood bank, but did you know that there is a Bone bank? When someone donates their body for others to use, all organs and muscles are ethically harvested and distributed to those in need. And the bones are no different. Human bone is ground into a powder and this is what is used to make your bone graft. 

Bone powder dust granules jar conainer bone graft material

Bone fragments of Bovine Origin


These bone fragments are Ethically harvested from Bones donated by farmers. The cow has very similar bone matrix to humans making it a very good and safe match to use in Multiple types of bone grafts, not just dental. 

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