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Do you need braces?

If your dream is to have straight teeth, you are in the right place. 

Do you:

  • Want Straight teeth? 

  • Have jaw pain that won't go away?

  • Have teeth growing where they are not meant to grow?

  • Have an uneven or offset bite?

  • Have large gaps in your teeth where food is getting stuck?

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Braces are one of the most popular dental treatments that everyone knows about. Braces are best known for helping straighten your teeth. However, Braces aren't just for aesthetic purposes, they can sometimes be necessary to fix your bite.

Braces are made out of a few materials. Metal is the base material that you must have in your mouth if you get braces. The other material that they can be made from is Ceramic (the clear braces).

If you don't want to have metal in your mouth but still need work done, the other option we have is Invisalign though it has restrictions. 

Step 1: General Evaluation

The first step as with any treatment is to see your General Dentist, this is in order to make sure there is nothing else that needs to be checked on before you can get braces. 

For instance, you can not have braces placed if you have active gum disease or Cavities. Your General dentist will let you know if there is anything you need to take care of before you even start the process of putting on braces. You need a clean healthy mouth before you can have braces placed. 

Step 2: Orthodontic Study X-rays.

Once you are cleared of all dental health issues and the General dentist has determined that Braces will help you in your journey to a healthy and happy mouth, you will be sent to our partner lab to have a series of photos, X-rays and Molds done. Once the lab has delivered your studies to us, we will call you to schedule your appointment with our Specialist.

We here at Odontologa Integral de Mexico, will give you an order form that you can provide to the Lab in order for them to give you the series of x-rays that we need. 

How much do these studies cost? around $1000 - $1500 Mexican Pesos. (52-76 USD aprox depending on conversion rate of the day)

[Orto paq]Xray.jpg
[Orto paq]papers and model.jpg
Step 3 & 4: Orthodontic Evaluation and Braces

Step 3: Orthodontic Evaluation

The moment of truth, the appointment where you will have a one on one conversation with our Orthodontic specialist to let her know what it is that you need, and she will discuss with you the treatments we have available and what she can do for your particular situation. if you decide to go forward and accept one of our many options for treatment, then the fun can truly begin. 

Step 4: Putting on the Apparatus 

Metal Braces

With the braces that we have here, we use the Alexander LTS technique. These are the classic braces that everyone thinks about.
Metal: Yes, these braces are metal based.
Treatment plan: Once these are cemented in place, it will be necessary for the patient to attend appointments every 3-4 weeks until the treatment ends. 
Price: The final payment is usually between $2500 to $3000 USD, a down payment is required after which fixed payments will be made at every apointment. 

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[Braces] placement 2.jpg
[Braces] final.jpg

Transparent Braces

Transparent or Cosmetic braces, are made with white ceramic supports or plastic supports which is what makes them cosmetic. 

Metal: Yes, the arcs that are used with these braces are made of a variety of metals. 

Price: The cost of these braces are between $3000 to $3500 dollars, with an initial payment and fixed monthly payments. 

Step 5: removing your braces

Step 5: Removing your braces.

Removing Braces

At the end of your orthodontic treatment you will need to use a retainer. 
If you are a patient from another clinic we will need x-rays before we can remove your braces for your safety and the stability of your smile 

Price: This varies, it depends on the conditions under which the patient arrives
Note: DO NOT remove your braces on your own. 

Step 6: retainers


These are needed at the end of any orthodontic treatment, they are important to keep the work done stable and their position steady. They are 100% necessary and you will need to use them for the rest of your life. 

There are two types of retainers: Permanent (in the mouth forever) or removable. 
The Removable retainers can be made on a base of Acetate or of Metal and acrylic. 

Price: Depending on the type and material you choose they can be $250 dollars for a set of two. 

 Invisalign ®

Not everyone can use Invisalign, be sure to ask our Specialist if you qualitfy.


 Invisalign ® is a tooth alignment system that is computer generated, the trays are made from hard plastic and are not made here at the clinic, we have to get them ordered.
 Invisalign ® need a bit more care than traditional braces due to the fact that you can take them out to eat and then have to put them back in.
There are so many videos online about people who have had  Invisalign ® and have had braces, so it's very important to know which is right for your particular situation.

Invisalign ® cannot do as much as braces can do. if you have a very light problem then Invisalign ® can easily be placed on your teeth. However, if you have a more severe problem, Invisalign ® may not be for you. If you are looking into getting Invisalign ® with us, please schedule an appointment to have your teeth checked to see if you are eligible to have Invisalign ® treatment.


How much does it cost? Invisalign's price is fixed but varies depending on the length of your treatment and how many trays will be needed. it is always best to have a consultation to see how much work will be needed for your specific situation. In the end, it can be approximately $5,000.

How long does it take? Like braces, the length of treatment is several years.

Is it done in house? Yes the scans are done here by our specialist, and they are then sent to Invisalign to create the trays needed for the treatment.

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