Dr. Arechiga Jimenez

Oral & Maxillo facial surgeon and Founder

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Languages: Dr. Benjamin Arechiga Jimenez - Surgeon has an above average level of English, and Spanish is his First language. 


​Studies: He Graduated from the Universidad Autónoma de Guadalajara (Autonomous University of Guadalajara) as a Dental Surgeon and then from the Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico (National Autonomous University of Mexico) as an Oral and Maxillofacial surgeon. 


Favorites: He is a man of the classics. He has many favorite books but the one that he always comes back to is “Les Miserables” by Victor Hugo. To this day his favorite movie is ‘Chariots of Fire”. The pattern of classics continues with the music he loves, Classical music (such as Bach and Beethoven), you can also find him listening to Smooth Jazz or 70s music. 


Personal bio: Above all, he always wants to give the best he can, backed by a great team of professionals and above all to put himself in his patients shoes and give them the best advice and treatment he can. 


Professional Experiences: In his words “Thank god I have had many.” 

In his 30+ years practicing Dentistry what has hit him the most over the years is when the patients who had come to the clinic 25-30 years ago, who had trusted the small group (back then) of dentists with their oral health, still recommend the clinic to their children, friends, grandchildren and other family members, so they can be treated by us. This loyalty can not be bought, and it is an honor to attend to children, grandchildren and even great grandchildren of the people who were with the clinic when it first started.

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Dr. Ascencio

Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeon

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Languages: Dr. Ruben Ascencio Padilla speaks English at a Basic Level, Spanish is his first language. 


Studies: He graduated from the Faculty of Odontology of the Autonomous University of Sinaloa (Universidad Autónoma de Sinaloa) in 2012, that same year he started his internship at the “Jesus Kumate Rodriguez” General Hospital, since that day he found interest in Maxillofacial Surgery. After he entered this specialty at the Ignacio Morones Prieto Central Hospital in the city  of San Luis Potosi, he then finished a post grad in Argentina and Barcelona, he is Certified by the Mexican Association of Oral and Maxillofacial surgery (Asociación Mexicana de Cirugía Oral y maxilofacial), also he is certified by the Oral and Maxillofacial surgery Association of Baja California (Asociacion de cirugia Bucal y Maxilofacial de Baja California). 


Favorites: when Dr Ascencio is not treating his patients, he loves to travel, he enjoys local beaches, tasting new culinary experiences and practicing outside sports. 


Personal Bio: Right now he is a Professor at the Autonomous University of Baja California (Universidad Autónoma de Baja California) he gives conferences and has published scientific articles in the field of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery. 


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Dr. Figueroa


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Languages: He speaks English at a Basic level and Spanish is his native language. 

Studies: He graduated from the Autonomous University of Nuevo Leon with a Diploma in Periodontics.

Personal bio: Dr. Figueroa has been with the clinic for many years and has been our main Periodontist for just as long. He is a very hard-working man, whose sole focus is on how his patients are healing and making sure that all mouths that cross his path are clean and disease free. 

His hope for all of his patients is for them to have the best Peridontal Health possible. 

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Dr. Ramirez

Periodontist - Implantologist

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Languages: Spanish is his First language, and he speaks English at a conversational level. 

Favorites: he is a lover of the classics, the Count of Monte Cristo is his favorite book, and he loves the Lion King (both new and old) when it comes to music he isn't very picky and enjoys a bit of everything. 

Personal bio: Dr Miguel Angel Ramirez Aguilar graduated from the UABC with a license in general dentistry, after he went to the university of Guadalajara with a diploma in periodontics, and finally from the National university of Mexico with a specialty in implantology. 

He cares a lot about his patients health, he only wants to return the aesthetic and function of their teeth. 

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Dr. Plaza

Periodontist - Implantologist

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Languages: Spanish is her first language and her English is conversational. 

Favorites: her favorite book series is Harry Potter, her current favorite movie is the blind side, and she loves any music that is dance worthy. Basically anything. 

Studies: Maria Laura Plaza has a nice resume, she graduated with a license in general dentistry in Venezuela, she received her diploma in periodontics in the University of Guadalajara and a specialty in implantology in the National University Autonoma de Mexico. 

Dr. Bustos

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She decided to go into the field of Endodontics because she loved the field of study and wanted to make herself the best in that field that she could be.

Why is Oral Health important?
Dr. Bustos answered this question by saying that keeping good oral health, helps us keep our teeth healthy, strong and inside your mouth giving you the best quality of life.

             Languages: Dr. Bustos speaks English at a mid range level and Spanish as a native.


Studies: She studied in the UABC (Universidad Autónoma de Baja California), she graduated with her Dental license in 2011 and then after graduated with her postgraduate in Endodontics in 2015. To this day she continues to update her studies with the latest courses and the most up to date information she can find.


Personal bio: Dr Bustos is a very private person and prefers to keep her personal life and her work life separate. She spends a lot of time at home with her Pug and has stated that she has always known that she wanted to be a dentist. Since she was a little girl she knew that it was the path for her.











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Dr. Castillo


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Languages: Dr. Alicia Castillo Guzman believes her English to be basic and Spanish is her first language. 

Favorites: She loves romantic dramas, movies like P.S. I love you are her favorites. She also loves Pop music and Ballads.


Studies: She graduated from the UABC (Universidad Autónoma de Baja California) there she got her bachelor's degree in General dentistry. She then studied for her Specialty in the “Center for Orthodontic specialties Renato de Toledo Leonardo” (Centro de especialidades Odontologicos Ranato de toledo Leonardo). she received a post grad in Endodontics. 

Personal Bio: She got married in 2016. She decided to study Endodontics because it was the specialty that she liked the most and found she had the best dexterity and ability for. 

She loves to spend time with her pets, like going out for walks with them. She has two dogs, a mixed breed (about the size of a chihuahua) which she adopted at only a month old, the other is a French poodle who was rescued from the streets. Other than that, she loves to travel in order to see new places, learn new customs, cultures and food. 

She hopes to bring the best human attention and quality to her patients, making them feel better and helping them with their dental ailments, as well as helping them by answering their questions about their dental treatments. 


Dr. Souque


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Languages: Her first language is Spanish and her English is conversational. 

Favorites: She loves Books and has many favorites, "Dios Mio, Hazme Viuda por favor: una vida con proposito" is one of them. She loves Movies like Forrest Gump and her favorite music is Pop from the 80's and 90s. 

Studies: Dr. Valeria Souque graduated as a general dentist from the Autonomous University of Guadalajara, after which she got her specialty in Orthodontics  in the same University. 

She is always taking courses to increase her abilities with recent machinery and techniques, one of which being the use of Invisalign. 

Personal bio: When it comes to her patients she loves to talk with them in order to understand their worries and give them what they need with a smile in order to make them feel special.

Her specialty allows her to return her patients self-esteem as well as the functionality and cosmetic look of their teeth. 

She is very willing to answer any questions that you have when you are in a consultation with her. She does her best to make sure you understand what you are getting into when it comes to Braces or invisilighn. As, it is something that will affect your quality of life tremendously. 

Patient story


Dr. Souque tells a story of a patient she had many years ago. A 60 year old woman told her that she had a heart attack not to long ago and while she was in the hospital in critical condition, she would think that she was going to die without ever having straight teeth. That it was her only regret. 

Dr. Souque told the woman's family, and they said that the moment she was better that they would do what they could to get her braces. And for many more years after that incident the woman lived with a beautiful smile. 

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Dr. Campos


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Languages: English / Basic, Spanish / Native.

Studies: She graduated from the UABC (Universidad Autonima de Baja California) with a diploma in Pediatric Dentistry. She completed a diploma  at the Hospital 'Infantil de las Californias'. She is endorced by CEPO (Centro de Estudios de Posgrado en Odontologia / Learning and Postgraduate center of Dentistry), where she is an active member for the 'Colegio mexicano de Odontologia para el Bebe' (Mexican Insitute for Infant dentistry). She also has a Masters from CINED 

Personal bio: Dr. Campos decided to specialize in children's teeth because she loves children and adores working with them. 

She is very passionate about Pediatric dentistry.

She chose to work with children because she finds it rewarding. 

She is experienced in working with patients that are put under General Anesthesia. 

Her goal as a doctor is to leave her patients with a healthy mouth and a beautiful smile and to turn them into adults with healthy teeth.