Dr. Claudia Ibarra

Cosmetic Dentistry
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   Languages: Dr. Claudia Ibarra is native in Spanish and proficient in English.

Favorites: Dr. Ibarra loves going to the movies, she also adores going to the gym, she will go every weekday for 2 hours just to keep herself in shape and healthy. Her favorite movies are Forest Gump and Pay it forward.
She is not an avid reader but when she does read she prefers self-help books, of the kind that help you with becoming a better you.
She also loves music, most notably she loves Spanish Rock.


Personal Bio: Dr. Ibarra has been taking the afternoons off for the past few years so that she can spend time with her daughter. She loves to spend her days off working on her personal life and being with her family. One of her favorite things to do with her Husband and daughter is to go to new restaurants they have never tried before and enjoy a gastronomic adventure into the unknown.

She also goes to yearly courses to learn new techniques and new information.

Studies: Dr. Ibarra graduated from Universidad Autonoma de Baja California (UABC) in 1993 with a license in Dentistry. 

Patient story


From that day Dr. Ibarra knew that a clinical revision needed to be done very carefully and very meticulously. She never wanted to make a mistake like that again and vowed to make sure that every patient she saw got a thorough revision before anything started.
The day came and the man arrived. The teaching doctor gave the patient a quick look over and to the embarrassment of the two learning doctors, he pulled out a very dirty and not well cared for, dental bridge. They were not his natural teeth and thus they had not done the assignment correctly.
For her last semester, the teaching doctor asked them to bring in a patient who had a lot of problems with their teeth. Dr Ibarra and her lab partner made several house calls until they found a man who had very dirty teeth and seemed like a perfect candidate. They performed a quick evaluation of his teeth and gave him the invitation to be the subject of their final laboratory project.
This story is not from when she was a practicing dentist, but from when she was a student.

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Dr. Brenda Lozano

Restorative Dentistry
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   Languages: Dr. Lozano speaks Spanish as her Native language and speaks English at a conversational level. 

Studies: She graduated from the University of Salle Bajio with a diploma in Cosmetic Dentistry. 

Personal Bio: She loves helping her patients to keep their teeth clean and healthy. Nothing makes her happier than to see a patient who had a lot of work done come back with good dental health raving about the hygiene regimen they have been keeping. This brings a smile to the Dr's face, and she remembers every single patient that she has worked on. 


Dr. Benjamin Arechiga Arias

Cosmetic & Restorative Dentist
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   Languages: Dr. Benji Arias speaks Spanish as his native language and Speaks English at a conversational level. 

Favorites: He is an easy going person. He loves movies, books and music just as much as the next person. He loves The Christopher Nolan batman movies especially Dark Knight and has read the book Sapiens more often than he can remember. He is also partial to the music of Jason Mraz and John Mayer. 

Studies: He graduated from De la Salle Bajio University with a diploma in General dentistry. 

Personal Bio: He loves patients that come from very far away. If they make a 6+ trip to our clinic to seek out quality treatment at an affordable price, he sees that as the sign of a person who really desires good quality dental assistance. This gives Dr. Benjamin pride in the work that we does here at the clinic. 

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