Administrative Staff

Dr. Norma Arias

Office Manager & Founder

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Dr. Arias is one of the founders of the clinic, she Graduated from the University of Guadalajara with a License in Dental surgery, her post-graduate from the National University of Mexico and got a Masters in Endodontics.

She would love to see all of our patients feeling comfortable and having a good experience here when it comes to their Dental treatments. 

She loves books that are about Overcoming Personal Obstacles and those that have to do with human psychology. 

Her favorite movie is Life is Beautiful. When it comes to music she loves Jason Mraz, Natalia la fourcade and Lila down. 

She doesn't practice dentistry anymore, but she has had so many patients throughout her career that have given her so much satisfaction. As an endodontist the best things were for her patients to come back for their second appointment with no pain and with a relaxed happy smile on their faces. However, the one that touched her the most, was of the mother of a patient who up to this day still visits the clinic and always tells her and anyone listening that Dr. Arias saved her daughters life with an Endodontic Procedure. 

Lucy Pérez

Account Manager


Lucy is the Clinic's accountant, but she is also so much more. She is the one who knows what is going on in the clinic. She knows our stock she knows the numbers. She knows everything and she does her best to make sure all of our stock is full and up to date. 

Lucy is one of the nicest and most observant people in the office, she makes sure to do everything in her power to have everything run smoothly and is always a listening ear when it's necessary. 

She studied accounting and can very often be seen in her office consentrating on the numbers on her screen or on a long slip of recept paper. More often than not you will hear the click clacking of her keyboard in her office or the sounds of her mechanical calculator as it spits out figures. 

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María José


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My name is Maria Jose Millan Valdez, and I am known as Majo, I work in the reception area of OIM, I was born on October 13, 2000 in Sinaloa, but all my life I have lived in Tijuana, I consider it a very humble city and diverse in culture, we have many people from the Republic to other countries. The most outstanding thing is that, although there are a lot of people coming in, there is always a job that can be done.


I graduated as a Technician in Communication Sciences at the Federal High School Lázaro Cárdenas, I like to speak, and I feel confident to do it in front of a large audience, listen to opinions and perform in public. I want to study medicine, because, although I studied to be a paramedic, the fact of being able to expand my knowledge and have it be useful for other people make me feel satisfied. I really enjoy reading about the functioning of systems and other structures belonging to the human body.


I consider that I have a good level of English that allows me to communicate adequately with patients when attending them either on the phone or when they come to the clinic, I have a 70% speaking and 80% listening.


For the patients I hope to give them the treatment they deserve, since I am the first person they see when they enter the clinic, and so they can be satisfied to come back.


I like Pride and Prejudice both in book and movie are my favorites, initially I watched the movie and I liked it, but I was left with the doubt and wanted to delve deeper, so I read the book and I loved it.  My tastes in music are very varied, I listen to a little bit of everything, among my hobbies are reading and singing, I have always liked reading, even when I didn't know my mom tried to read to me, since then I have developed quite an imagination, because of that, I went to many contests at school reading and writing and storytelling.


I have 2 puppies.


Finance Manager


I am Ricardo, I was born on May 18 in CDMX, my experience in Tijuana has been pleasant, the people are nice, I like its cold climate mainly and its geological conditions, in addition to the cultural exchange that it offers as it is a border, with respect to the English language I consider my level is good.


I am currently studying accounting at UABC, I chose that career because it seemed the most ad hoc for my tastes, interests and abilities, what it entails caught my attention and I consider it has a wide field to work on.


For the patients who do not visit, I hope to support and guide them as best as possible during their stay and process, so that it is enjoyable and they feel comfortable.


Among my hobbies is watching series, my favorite is The Office and my favorite movie is Star Wars.


My favorite music is House and Alternative and my favorite book is La Tregua by Mario Benedetti.


I have 4 cats.